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May 18, 2018 | Removals, Tips & Tricks

Moving houses or homes can be an uphill task for most families. The primary reason being the financial and physical sacrifices that come with the movements and hence it can be difficult to choose an excellent removalist to aid in settling the family.

You also want to select a removalist who will offer quality services and save you some time; allowing you to keep on top of your other duties. Therefore, it is critical to choose a reliable removalist who will ensure a smooth transition. We have all heard of horror stories of unqualified removalists who damage goods, overcharge or worse steal household belongings of their clients. Below are some of the major facts on how to choose a reliable mover especially in Newcastle.

1. Location and Distance

First, consider the location and distance you are moving from your current home. Essentially, this consideration will help the family in drawing the budget and planning. Additionally, it will ensure you know the type of mover to use. There are self-pack interstate, local removalist, and full-service removalists depending on the plans that suit you. Once you know the best removalists, enquire, and get a quotation for their services. The quote from any reputable company should indicate the price for relocation, possible add-on in case of excess weight, packing materials, among others. Also, the quote will show the time for transit and the expected time of arrival. Find out If the company is offering insurance and the type provided, and finally the terms of payment either if full payment or deposit first.

2. Verify the Legitimacy of the Removalist Company

Secondly, it is crucial to verify the legitimacy of the removal company. Consider some referrals from friends, family, colleagues, or other sources. In case you choose to search online, ensure you do a thorough search because unfortunately, not every removal company is honest. Hence, check for some of the necessary information such as their bank accounts, contact details, mobile number, email, address, and ABN. All these details should be on their website so you can take time to verify them. It would be great to go through the company reviews before you decide, so you understand the quality of the services the company offers if you settle on them.

 3. Experienced Removalists employ quality staff.

Thirdly, consider using experienced removalists because they employ qualified staff. Well, the truth is, it does not take rocket science to pack a carton of clothes, moving massive items such as televisions, pool tables, but it does take the experience of an employee to move them safely. Additionally, consider if you are moving from a small house to a large one or vice versa. An experienced removalist will come in handy when organizing the house to the desired design and taste. According to the Australian law, it is illegal for removalists to move any flammable or easily explosive objects, hence if you own such items you might need to consider other ways to move them.

These guys are fantastic, so polite and careful with everything they moved for us. They worked hard and there was not one complaint about all the stairs they had to climb at both places. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Megan S.


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